Who We Are

PT. Sumatran Organic Spice (SOS) was established in 2011. It has developed an extensive network of prominent stakeholders in the organic and natural agricultural commodities community in Indonesia as well as North America, Europe and other countries. It is driven by the passion to improve quality of the commodities and to alleviate the livelihood of Indonesian small farmers. PT. SOS is committed to the organic spice business as a way of empowering indigenous farmers throughout Indonesia who implements sustainable agricultural practice.

PT. SOS has grown steadily into a trustworthy company with (business and community based) activities from its base in Jakarta (Indonesia) downstream to the grass root level of farmers, processors and farmers co – operative. Its presence as a lean organization has been perceived as a secure and reliable business partner. As it has been our main role to market agro commodities from Indonesia, SOS provide assistance to farmers Co-operatives and Processors to develop a high standard of quality products for the international spice market, also to promote soil conservation and erosion control methods, including contour planting, selective harvesting, terracing and reforestation, without losing sight of the origin of this spice trade: its history, its culture and its people.

Devi Savitri


Djaja Joesoef